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Day 10 – Beaches, Beaches and more Beaches

The east shore of Lake Superior has tons of beaches – many beautiful spots to stop and take a dip. I didn’t but Alain and Timo did. Here are few photos of those beaches.

Katherine Cove
Sandy River


There were also some gorgeous vistas.

Near Agawa Bay


Looking back down the last hill going into Sault Ste. Marie

Today I did 100 km solo. When I recruited Timo to help with the ride I said he could do as much or as little of the cycling as he wanted to. Today he felt he was slowing me down on some of the hills and told me to cycle ahead. When he reached the RV for lunch he chose to ride with Alain and it was at that spot that they were able to go for a dip (no photo).

We were welcomed by Carol Campbell to her and her husband, Brian’s, home. She served us a wonderful meal of lasagna and salad, topped off with this wonderfully iced carrot cake – yummy, yummy calories! I weighed myself and discovered that at the most I might have lost a pound. Timo gained 3! And Alain lost 2! He is working harder than he realized.