New Team Members

Richard and I are not cyclists! We are mountaineers and avid outdoor enthusiasts. I have known Mike for many years and during this time we have learned that we share a similar sense of adventure. When Mike told us about his plans for his 60th birthday, to cycle across the country to raise money for clean water, we weren’t completely surprised. Since Richard and I are both secondary school teachers, with time to spare in the summer, Mike asked if we would be interested in coming along as the support vehicle for him and Rob. Always up for an adventure ourselves, we agreed to come along. Of course, we quickly decided that we would like to do some cycling as well. Richard really wants to cycle the full 8,000kms…and I love making green protein smoothies…so it looks like he’s on the bike, I’m driving the RV and looking after the crew. The logistics of this adventure is daunting, but extremely exciting. We already regularly do painful activities for fun, so we are up for the challenge. Let the training begin!

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