Born in 1954?

60birthdayDid you know 436,198 people were born in 1954 according to Stats Canada. We should have a big birthday party!

That might not happen but I got to thinking… What if some of the those people that are celebrating their 60th birthday this year like Rob and me would be willing to say Happy 60th by helping change the lives of people in African villages by giving them a well that would provide clean water? One well is $8500, if 1% of everyone who is turning 60 this year would give $60, that would be enough to provide 30 wells. Think about it… Thirty communities transformed, lives saved, what a great way of celebrating 60 good years of life in Canada!! Are you turning 60? Do you know someone turning 60? Give a gift that is priceless.

4 thoughts on “Born in 1954?

  1. Happy Birthday to you! This professor would like to mention a lot has changed since the year of your birth has it not! One thing stays constant though the ability to tap into one’s Punchyish nature. It just paints that clear picture doesn’t it?

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