Day 35: Ottawa to Montreal 198 km

We were parked in front of Parliament Peace Tower at 6:30 am. Harold and Darlene Albrecht MP Kitchner/Conestoga meet us to send us on our way. DSC_5641

We spent about 30 minutes taking pictures to capture the crossed the Ottawa River and headed east on Hwy 148. Rob led us out of the city! Yes he is back on the road with us part time. He did 16 km. This shot is on the bride leading into Quebec with the Museum of Canadian History in the is a cyclists delight with wide smooth shoulders! Plus the 148 had few trucks and wound through the beautiful Ottawa valley. Sure made for a great missed the “Welcome to Quebec” sign but stopped at the Home Hardware in Papineauville and was welcomed to Quebec. We have stopped at a few Home Hardware stores along the way to thank them for the also passed Montebello. In the fall our FamilyLife team will be at the Chateau Montebello to host a Weekend Getaway!! What a beautiful place. Here a view looking across the Ottawa River into Ontario. photo(100)The ride was at a good pace, about 27 km/hour till we hit the Metro area. In Montreal there was lots of lights, traffic and we made a wrong turn so did not arrive at the presentation location on time, about 20 minutes late. Dinner was prepared for us and brought to the church by Rob’s daughter. Thank you Lisa! (Center)DSC_570512 hour day on the road and no pictures of Montreal because we did not have time!!

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