Day 45: Truro to Halifax 120 km

We started the day on the road at about 7 am thinking we would get rain but our fears were not realized. Our ride was through some great agricultural land of central Nova Scotia. photo(147)We stopped short of Halifax, in Lower Sackville to visit the FraserWay RV dealership and the local Home Hardware. Kathy at FraserWay took care of a stove burner that needed some attention and sent us on our way. Thank you FraserWay crew!DSC_6708At the Payzant Home Hardware we enjoyed some fun with Matt the 3rd generation manager/owner. Thank you Matt!DSC_6722We were also welcomed by Terry the president of the Halifax cycling association. She joined us at the Home Hardware. DSC_6734She, along with Ryan and Steve, lead us into Halifax via the scenic route which included the Dartmouth ferry into downtown Halifax. Thank you Terry, Ryan and Steve. photo(144)They left us at Citadel Hill where we reconnected with Jacquie. What a view of Halifax harbour!photo(146)Our evening presentation was at the Faith Tabernacle in Halifax. A small group that included members of the church, some friends from Jacquie’s university days and Pamela, Maegan Lesley MP Halifax, assistant, all came to hear about our ride and encourage us on our way. Here Pamela is giving the thumbs up to our ride. photo(145)Today was a good day. The distance was really manageable and we had lots of interaction with some very encouraging people. Could not ask for a better day. Plus we learned we have another well pledged which bring our total to 25 wells!

2 thoughts on “Day 45: Truro to Halifax 120 km”

  1. Hi folks,
    Glad to here about your progress on the bikes and with the fundraising. I picked up my bike after a tune up and Bruce Wenting said to wish you well!

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Good to hear. You guys are making great time. I trust that those muscles are not aching too badly! Our prayers are with you!


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