Day 56: St. John’s to Argentia Ferry

Our day started with final packing and a bit more cleaning of the RV. Timo and I dropped Richard and Rob’s bikes off at the airport. Rob, Richard, Jacquie and Dawn Jacquie’s mother will fly out of St. John’s. Timo and I have been tasked with returning the RV to the FraserWay RV location in Halifax.IMG_0929[1]Our drive to Argentia was beautiful. We cycled some of the same roads but in the cloud and rain. Sure is a nice area of lakes, rocks and trees are similar to a high alpine landscape. After almost 6 days of rain and cloud in Newfoundland it was nice to see the country side in the sunshine.IMG_0931[1]Just as we were boarding the ferry we got a text from Richard and Jacquie. They will have to spend another night in St. John’s because of flight problems. IMG_0933[1]The ferry is a 14 hour cruise. The boat is really nice and actually reminds me of a cruise ship with nice dining room, lounges and even cabins.IMG_0984[1]We had a very relaxing ride with calm seas. Seemed strange to have a completely free evening. We even watched TV and the news. Plus seemed so strange to travel by something other than a bike. Looking forward to getting home.

2 thoughts on “Day 56: St. John’s to Argentia Ferry”

  1. Hi Mike

    I have followed you across Canada! What an achievement ! Happy belated birthday? Have a safe trip home!

    ELLI Driediger

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Wishing you all Congratulations on Cycling 4 water & God Bless you for all the fresh water people will get to enjoy.


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