Day 4 – Fellowship & Fish

Today was a rest day. Del and Brenda, our hosts in Dryden, are introducing us to so many wonderful people. They treated us to a Sunday morning buffet with four other couples at “The Chalet Inn.”


Then it was on to their church, Dryden Full Gospel where Pastor Nikolas and his people warmly welcomed us and allowed me to preach and share about the cause. I spoke about Jesus taking  what little the disciples had (five loaves and two fish), blessing it and giving it back to the disciples to feed over 10,000 people. Jesus takes what we freely give Him (including a donation to water wells) and multiplies it to bless many others.


Of course having spoken about fish, it was then only fitting that we were then invited to the Wickens Lake Fish Derby an annual event on the lake where Del and Sandra live. I got to share about the cause and enjoyed a wonderful fresh fish fry.


We closed off the evening with a short boat ride on their beautiful lake. Thank you so much, Del and Sandra, for your incredibly warm hospitality and giving hearts.


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