Day 20 – Celebration

Samuel, who works with GAiN out of Montreal, met us in Quebec City and treated us to a celebration supper. It was the first time we ate in a restaurant other than Tim Horton’s the whole trip thanks to our many hosts.


Then it was on to a meeting with  a group of Paul’s and Samuel’s friends – a final opportunity to speak about the GAiN wells and community development programs.


They made it special with balloons, a poster made by Paul’s son …


and a ribbon cutting ceremony!


Many, many thanks to every single person that gave to supply clean, drinking water to needy people. Giving water, gives life. At this point I am aware of close to $16,000 in contributions (not all of this is recorded on-line). We may not have reached our goal but about 2000 people will have clean water for the rest of their lives thanks to our donors. Plus 100’s of people are more aware of GAiN‘s wonderful water for life initiative.

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