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Adopt a Village

Have you ever thought about adopting a village?

Friends who are in the process of adopting commented to me that they are excited about the cycling4water project.  At best we can adopt 2 maybe 3 children, but this way we can adopt a whole village and provide a well that will help hundreds of kids.”Dirty water

As  of today we have 25 wells covered or pledged, 35 to go. What would it take to have 60 pledged by the time we finish?

It would take 35 people to say, “I want to adopt a village by providing a well that will save lives and transform the community.” You could do it all yourself, or even better get your friends involved by asking them to help save lives and transform a community.IMG_3297If you would like to take on a well, or are considering it and have questions, we would be delighted to help answer your questions and give you some ideas on how to move ahead. Email us at cycling4water@gmail.com

Just think, you could adopt a village and transform a whole community!