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Benin: Day 5

Benin: Day 5

As you might guess, a key link in the providing wells is the drilling rig and team. GAiN Benin has 3 drill rig teams engaged full time. Today, we traveled to an active drilling site. It was about a two-hour drive over some roads that were more like a path than a road. It is hard to imagine how the drill rig managed the trip. Each village makes a commitment to house and food for the drill team, provide security for the rig and supply water that is need in the drilling process. In the case, the closest water source is about 2/3 of a kilometer away.

Our team, guided by some of villagers, walked to the village water source. As you can see in this picture, a 5-gallon plastic container is being filled.  

We left this site and traveled to another village that was even more remote to join the GAiN work crew to help with another pump pad. We were far more efficient after our experience on day two with this team. As we drove to this site, we noticed an increased number of symbols connected to voodoo activity.    

John an accountant, working hard!

This community also has a population of just less than 400 with no existing church presence. Their current water source is 3 km away. This anticipation of the well, may explain why we have a constant group of spectators. Plus, in this remote area, they may have never had foreign visitors.   

Our finished work gets a date stamp and a prayer of dedication.

Micah signing our handy work!

As we traveled to this village, we passed through rich agricultural lands with pineapple, palm groves and our first sighting of cattle. Here are a few photo…