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Benin: Day 6

Benin: Day 6

The GAiN office is very near the ocean. In fact, we can see it from the roof top meeting area. Our schedule has been so full, today was the first opportunity to walk on the beach. Even that visit was cut short because of an unexpected special visitor.

Everyone looks so serious, someone asked a thoughtful question.

The former ambassador to Canada from Benin joined us! Rob built a relationship with Mr. Loko through his work with the Christian Embassy in Ottawa and invited him to meet our team. Mr. Loko described his engagement with GAiN Canada and his assistance in launching GAiN Benin which included the arrival of the first drilling rig. He involvement was a huge benefit to the ministry!

Our afternoon and evening might be a high light of the trip. We traveled to a village for the commissioning of a well. The well pad was poured on February 2. Today, the well was flushed through the use of high-pressure air pumped into the well casing.

Near the end of this process, the villagers were given the green light to collect water. It was such a frenzy of excitement. I can’t even imagine how they were processing water shooting out of a pipe in the ground! The women and children were trying to collect as much as possible.

Joel on the move!

Inspired by the women and children, each of our team members attempted to carry a container of water on our heads to a villager’s home. This provided great entertainment and laughter for the locals. Some of us were not so good, got cooled off in the process.

Rob working hard.

After the flush, bleach was added to the well casing. The PVC water tube was inserted into the casing and the pump was installed. Look at the smile on the face of this first woman to test the new pump.

Following the completion of the pump installation, the GAiN team organized games for about 100 kids. Each child got some kind of special treat before the competition was over. Smiles everywhere!

The Drime team, using a combination of mime and drama, portrayed the story of Jesus’ love and sacrifice.

The last event of the evening was the showing of the JESUS film in the Fon language. The film is a dramatic depiction of the gospel of Luke that has been translation into over 1000 languages. After the Drime presentation and JESUS film several people indicated a decision to follow Jesus.

What a great day!