Day 12 – Helping and being Helped

Today was the beginning of the second half of our cycling. It is hard to believe that in 8 days it will all be over!  Timo and I stopped in

Day 11 – Home away from Home

I am overwhelmed by the hospitality that is shown to us by so many strangers. Carol made breakfast for us then drove us to church. Where we were warmly welcomed

Day 10 – Beaches, Beaches and more Beaches

The east shore of Lake Superior has tons of beaches – many beautiful spots to stop and take a dip. I didn’t but Alain and Timo did. Here are few

Day 9 – Easy Start, Harder Finish

Today’s cycling was the opposite of Day 8. We started with a fairly strong tail wind which pushed us along sometimes over 40km/hr on the flats. Later in the day

Day 8 – Hard Start, Easier Finish

The day started hard because we had some decent hills between Terrace Bay and Marathon. Here’s a view looking back at one of the hardest climbs (and it started close

Day 7 – Special People & Special Sights along the way

We had a gorgeous, sunny day to ride. The first half of the ride was fairly uneventful but things really picked up in the afternoon. For rode over the Nipigon Bridge,

Day 6 – Meet the Patrons & Meet the Kids

Paul and Gaye got up very early to send us off with a hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs and cinnamon buns. Because we had a meet and greet in Thunder

Day 5 – Cycling Companions

Because Timo was speaking at a church in Thunder Bay on Sunday and I was speaking in a church in Dryden, we were not together on Monday.The original plan was that

Day 4 – Fellowship & Fish

Today was a rest day. Del and Brenda, our hosts in Dryden, are introducing us to so many wonderful people. They treated us to a Sunday morning buffet with four

Day 3 – Friendly Cyclists

It was hard to say “Good Bye” to Ron and Irene; they have been so warm and hospitable towards us. I know it wasn’t a final “fare well” because I