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We said goodbye to the “Three Sisters” this morning at about 7:30 as we left Canmore. Rob’s ankle was painful and inflamed again so he became Lyndon’s assistant in the

A very cool morning, 7 C, with fog and clouds greeted us. The first section of the ride was a climb out of Golden, through a massive road construction project

As you can imagine, cycling across Canada gives the opportunity to encounter hills, lots of them! There were some long uphill grades that were really difficult! At times, wind and

Drafting is a strategy where two or more cyclists line up in such a way as to provide a greater efficiency in the ride. The lead cyclist provides an air

On the flight home the guy next to me asked, “How are you going to decompress from this experience?” I had not really thought about it. Now I’m realizing what

The “Cruise” to Nova Scotia, Sydney Terminal from Newfoundland docked at about 9:30 am. Timo and I had a beautiful sunny day to drive into Halifax to return the RV.

Our day started with final packing and a bit more cleaning of the RV. Timo and I dropped Richard and Rob’s bikes off at the airport. Rob, Richard, Jacquie and