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After a great breakfast at Sandi’s we had a 7 am departure from Dryden. What a great community and great people. As we headed out to Upsula with Del (in

Rather than overnight in the mission parking lot, a dear lady let us park at her place. A very quiet location just outside of town. Our team sleep in till

We had a wonderful breakfast before we hit the road with Ron and Irene at their cottage. There were thunderstorms overnight. The sky was cloudy which kept the temperature down.

Since we started we have caught the attention of local papers and even national television. Here is the latest from BT Winnipeg and Global TV Saskatoon and all the others

We made it on the road at 6:30 am in Brandon but ran into a detour because of flooded roads so that slowed us down. We made good time in

Our start today was at 7 am after a wonderful breakfast by our hosts in Whitewood, SK. They even packed us a lunch to take along! This photo shows our

The day started with a wonderful breakfast made for us by Don and Joanne, a couple from the Discovery Baptist Church at 5:45 am. Thank you Don and Joanne!!! We