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Day 50: Codroy Valley Campground to Corner Brook 183 km

We could still hear distant thunder as we got breakfast and prepared to start another day of riding. Rob has set the whole ride up on a system called Map My Tracks. Each day’s ride is rated with a scale of 1 to 4, 4 being the most difficult. Today is rated as a 4. Our ride started shortly after 6:30 am, the sun was just coming up. photo(162)We had lots and lots and of hills, very long hills with some thrilling down hill runs. The morning was mostly sunny, many section of the road was wet from rain. Some great views…photo(163)Most of the afternoon was in the rain.  In the rain, going down hill at about 55 km/hour I started thinking… “I’m moving really fast, I can’t see very well. One pot hole or large crack in the road could be really bad news. Be careful” Another option could have been to slow down…photo(164)Our destination, Corner Brook is a beautiful city. photo(166) First Pentecostal Church hosted us. They had a good group out for our presentation. A very warm group and asked lots of good questions. DSC_7319Today is Rob’s 60th birthday! That’s why he’s holding a balloon. The church had a cake for him. Thank you First Pentecostal for making Rob’s birthday a special one!DSC_7330Even with the rain it was a good day, lots of great view. We enjoyed the challenge of the hills and the fun of the down hills. It will be a memorable one for Rob!

Day 48: Day Off Bras d’Or

We did not get up till after 6:30 am and had breakfast around 8 am with our hosts Mark and Pam Eyking. It was so nice to relax over a great breakfast and a second cup of coffee.DSC_7053After breakfast our whole team went to Bethel Presbyterian Church in Sydney. Richard, Jacquie and Timo did a presentation there last night. We made another shorter presentation during the morning service and enjoyed a fellowship time in the church hall after the service.  Thank you Reverend Lyle and the wonderful folks at Bethel.

DSC_7055After the service we had lunch at McDonald’s. It was our first McDonald’s meal of the whole trip! McLobster…!photo(158)When we got back to Mark and Pam’s we headed down to the water for a swim. What a great day to relax and enjoy a beautiful

For dinner we were treated to a wonderful seafood chowder, pizza, strawberry-rhubarb and blueberry pies. Our after dinner walk was priceless…DSC_7080Then a campfire to wrap up a wonderful day!DSC_7088

Day 42: Fredericton to Moncton 178 km

We started our day at 6:30 am fresh from our day off! The morning the sky was cloud covered as we left Fredericton. We followed the St. John river for about 50 km then left the river valley to head south to Moncton. photo 2

The sun came out and it was a beautiful day. We made great time. Once we left the river valley the road had a gentle roll up and down, through dense forest and then into some some really fine farm land. photo 3(1)Coffee break at about the 60 km mark is part of our routine each day.  Normally it’s in the RV but today it was so nice we sat outdoors. photo(132)As we came into Moncton we came across a new crop we have not seen yet… Sunflowers!  photo 4We are being hosted tonight by St. Georges and St. Phillips Anglican Churches. Dinner was great, one of my favorites, roast beef. We were too focused to even look at the camera. DSC_6348During the whole trip it has been a delight to meet with people who care about getting clean water to those who do not have it. Tonight was no exception, it was a great time of interaction  sharing the story of our journey and the need for clean water. DSC_6357Another great day on an amazing journey!