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Day 10: Encouragement

Our route: Edmonton to Vermillion 186 km. It rained overnight so the roads were a little wet. Our 6:30 am start was a little delay with a flat tire, 4th of the trip. We had two friends join us for a ride along. Thanks Gerry and Evan.


On our first stop in a rest area we engaged a couple bikers in conversation. They wanted to know what we were doing. When they heard they opened their wallets and gave us all the cash they had. Thank you Nathan and David!!

Kids givingWe stopped in Vegreville to see the “Egg.” A truck driver knocked on the door of the RV and asked if we would take a donation. A lady and her grandchildren approached us. She said she had seen us on TV the night before on Global and wanted to give us a donation.

We made record breaking time with another tail wind 184 km in 6 hours. The road was still up and down.

Our host for the evening, Jim and Barb showed us an amazing level of hospitality in Vermillion. We had showers, beds and use of a washing machine! They had a scale so we did a weigh in. Everyone has lost a couple pounds. Bar B Q steak was on the menu for dinner and an amazing breakfast at 5:30 am.

Jim and BarbOur evening presentation was small. MP Leon Benoit came and encouraged us on our way. The local paper, the Vermillion Voice newspaper also did an interview with us.