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Day 12: North Battleford to Saskatoon 144 km plus…

Day 12: North Battleford to Saskatoon 144 km plus…

6:30 start, nice day. Flat and wind at our backs! Look at the Canola fields and the long views!

We stopped at the Red Bull truck stop in Radisson, SK to get a taste of local culture. It was not disappointing.

BullThe waitress and customers were really fun.  The waitress was amazed and said, “You guys rock!”

Red Bull ServerWhile there a women walked in and said, “I saw you cycling and wanted to donate.” She handed us a $20. Thanks Laura!!

photo(2)We made it to Saskatoon and decided to chip away at the ride on Monday to Regina (260 km) so we road about 40 km past Saskatoon toward Regina which made day 12 a 184 km day. Rob got a flat tire so that makes 5 for our team!

NathanHad a wonderful back yard Bar B Q hosted by friends Nathan, Judy, Mike and Karen. Good group turned out to encourage us on our way.  Great food!!

Bar b q saskatoon Got to tell the story of what lead to this trip and the wonderful things that have been happening. Thank you Nathan and Judy, Mike and Karen. Full day!