Day 13 – Bad Roads, Good People

I said to Timo yesterday that today was going to be an easy ride because it was so short, only 100 km. I was wrong. We had the roughest roads yet of the trip the entire day, from Espanola all the way into Sudbury on Hwy 17 and Hwy 55. We had 10 km of this:


And about 90 km of this:


But more importantly, once again, we met some great people, starting off with Mark Bond who cycled 30 km with me to and from my starting point today at the intersection of Birch Creek Road and Hwy17. He and his wife, Jan, hosted us the previous evening.


I had a chance to stop by and visit with Pastor Josh at All Nations Church who gave me a tour of their new facility. It holds 500 people in the main auditorium. My wife Anne-Marie came from this church when she started work with Campus Crusade for Christ, now Power to Change Ministries


I also had a chance to visit with my sister-in-law, Louise, but forgot to get a picture with her. I keep missing some good photos. Then we meet with Pastor Markus who fed us a lasagna supper and introduced us to ten people in his church who came to hear us speak and give generously for the wells. They gathered around us to pray and send us on our way.