Day 14 – Riding the Thin White Line

Today the roads were the exact opposite of yesterday’s. For almost the entire distance they were smooth and without cracks. I couldn’t believe it. We frequently ride on the white line because it is usually smoother and offers less resistance to the tires.


It was a 197 km day and this photo says it all, But I did cross a significant milestone on the trip. I’ve now cycled over 2000 km since leaving Portage-la-Prairie


People have been asking if we have seen any bears. So far we’ve only seen two, one just east of Kenora and another east of Marathon. So these statues have to be our substitute.


It was a fun day of catching different sites: a fancy bathroom in a small roadside store …


The violin on the hillside rolling into Sturgeon Falls …


The tee-pees set up outside the Native General Store …


We ended the day with a refreshing dip in the Mattawa River and pannini alfredo au saumon for supper. There is no speaking engagement tonight so we are all getting to bed a little earlier.