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Day 15: Smithers to Fraser Lake – 222 km

Day 15: Smithers to Fraser Lake – 222 km

At Fraser Lake, we had a bear encounter but we had things well in hand. LOL

Today was another long day of cycling. It was made easier by the strong tail wind the entire afternoon. The most challenging part of the day was two almost 10 km long climbs: Hungry Hill and 6 Mile Hill. This is a view looking back after the climb up Hungry Hill.

Another change was the scenery. Gone are the unending forests of the Yukon and Northern British Columbia. We are now into farm country.

A blessing for Gabe was the opportunity for him to meet his cousin Karen for the first time. She happenened to live right on today’s route in a little town called Topley. It worked out nicely that we were able to take our lunch break there, allowing Gabe some time with her.

Not having any meeting tonight we found a camping spot at Pipers Glen Resort located on beautiful Fraser Lake.