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Day 17: No Crash, Crash

DSC_4684We made it on the road at 6:30 am in Brandon but ran into a detour because of flooded roads so that slowed us down. We made good time in the morning, good temperature and no wind. Morning coffee break came and the team wanted to make a special presentation.

DSC_4689They attached a “N” to my bike, like new drivers receive when they move from “L” (Learners)  because I had made it across from Obed Summit in Alberta without a crash!

We have not seen many other cyclists but today we met Harold. He’s 81 riding across Canada alone and unsupported! Wow!

photo(24)Big Crash… Just before lunch Rob and Richard had a “tire touch” Rob crashed, a hard crash. He, in fact, had to made a trip to the hospital in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. Jacquie took him while the rest of us cycled on.

IMG_2624He is smiling.  Rob had to have 7 stitches in his arm and his knee is bandaged. His hip and shoulder were also banged up a bit. He is a really strong cyclist so we will miss him on the road for a few day.  So glad nothing was broken! His bike in okay.

We had our 5th flat tire just before Winnipeg! Our total km for the day was 213. The afternoon seemed hard with a strong cross wind. Got in just in time for our group presentation, a small group.

Dinner was after the presentation. Our hosts for the evening, Pat and Ted, made an amazing dinner for Timo’s 63rd birthday including this…

photo(23)Happy Birthday Timo! Thank you Pat and Ted.

Today was a very challenging day on many levels! So glad tomorrow is a new day!