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Day 18: Williams Lake to Deka Lake – 133 KM

Day 18: Williams Lake to Deka Lake – 133 KM

Another sunny day as we pull out of Williams Lake. Rob has been riding with a very sore ankle for several days so is taking today off. This means Gabe and Timo are cycling together today.

The ride into 100 Mile House was again a “sun in your face and wind at your back” trip with fairly gentle rolling hills.As Timo and Gabe rode along, Gabe spotted a cell phone. After answering a call that came in on it, we discovered it might be linked to a missing person investigation. We were instructed to drop it off at the RCMP post in 100 Mile House. What are the odds of finding phone along the road and to think it might be linked to a missing person?

Something else that caught our attention was a plume of smoke west of Hwy 97; the first sign that we are entering the wild fire zone of BC. After a lunch break, we headed east to Deka Lake.  Since it was a relatively short day, we had a chance for a swim with “others” that were swimming at the same time.

Our host for the evening, Juha and Ingrid, provided a great supper, followed by a sauna in true Finish style.