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Day 19: Clearwater Lake to Dryden 164 km

Day 19: Clearwater Lake to Dryden 164 km

We had a wonderful breakfast before we hit the road with Ron and Irene at their cottage.

photo(30)There were thunderstorms overnight. The sky was cloudy which kept the temperature down. The really nice thing was that the wind was at our back! We also enjoyed the roll of the road. There were lots of up and down, rocks, lakes and trees.

We arrived in Dryden to a police escort! It was so much fun.

DSC_4872The Dryden Mission had a great dinner for us. As of last night this small group raised $1700 for wells.

DSC_4924Rob is still experiencing a lot of pain but optimistic about recovery! We are all looking forward to a day without riding.