Day 20: Dryden for the Day

Day 20: Dryden for the Day

Rather than overnight in the mission parking lot, a dear lady let us park at her place. A very quiet location just outside of town. Our team sleep in till 7:30 am. It sure felt good. We were hosted for breakfast at the Dryden Mission then spoke at the Dryden Full Gospel Church. The church donated $2992! Here we are with Pastor Tim. At that service we were invited to speak at another service in the evening at the Timber Community Church.

DSC_4945Sandi our host gave us a tour of Dryden and she even patched Rob’s shirt that was torn in the crash with a heart and stitched cyclist pattern. Looks great.

DSC_4969The total donations from Dryden after the evening service is $5300 and Sandi is going to champion the cause to see the community finish a well! After the service 4 couples came by to join us for a Bar B Q steak dinner.  It was really good, great meal and great people.

photo(33)What a great day! Thank you Sandi and thank you Dryden!!

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  1. Well, one third down!! Looking good guys, awesome photos and great commentary. Keep it up and may God continue to bless you beyond all measure. Steve and Jane (Abbotsford)

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