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Day 29: Blind River to Sudbury 164 km

We started our day with a wonderful breakfast made by Vivian and Bob neighbors of Sally and Dick, our host for overnight. Their home was one of the original homes in Blind River.  Thank you Vivian, Bob, Dick and Sally!photo(63)We did not get on the road till just before 8 am. It was overcast and little wind so our progress was good in the morning. The past two days we have seen several Amish folks along the road. Locals tell me the Amish have moved into the area because land  prices are relatively reasonable compared to other parts of Ontario. photo(64)Just before lunch we hit our first band of rain. The second one came along during lunch. Both Rob and I had radio interviews over lunch, his in French and mine in English. Here we are heading out after lunch. photo(62)The third wave hit just about 50 km out of Sudbury. It was heavy but we keep going until the thunder and lighting came along. We took refuge in the first possible spot we could which turned out to be the HQ and manufacturing location of Legend Boats. Lisa came out and invited us in and offered coffee. We had a great visit as we waited for the thunder and lighting to end. This is only the third day we have had rain on the whole trip!photo(69)Our destination for the evening was the All Nations Church in Sudbury. We got there just in time for a informal visit with church members. They had some refreshment including this amazing cake.photo(67)Four media representatives came for interviews and pictures, two news papers, a french language newspaper and CTV. It was a busy place. Following that we went to Laurie and Luke’s place for a late dinner. Laurie is Jacquie’s cousin. What a great meal and we laughed lots as you can see in this picture. photo(66)Rob did a great job with driving the RV and being the RM for the team in Jacquie’s absence. Another full day on the road with Cycling4Water.