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Day 3: North Bound

Day 3: North Bound

A grizzly bear welcomed us into a new day. It was spotted walking along the shore just before 7 am. We enjoy another beautiful day starting with this amazing view of a perfectly calm lake.  

Our drive started at about 9 am. As we retraced our path from last summer. We relived some great moments.

The earlier start allowed for a stop at Dease Lake. Timo and Reid were the only two who took the plunge. Timo commented the water was so cold that some of his body parts would take time to recover!

As Jacquie made an amazing dinner at our Jade City camping spot, Richard, Timo and I took a 60-minute training ride. It felt so good to get out of the support vehicle and peddle. The menu for the night was spaghetti and salad enjoyed with the ambiance of a picnic table surrounded by a grove of lodge pole pines.