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Day 3: Rock Island Lake to Carmacks – 86 KM

Day 3: Rock Island Lake to Carmacks – 86 KM

Wind, Rain and Rough Roads… We had a light rain overnight and even a bit during breakfast. Our cycling started with clouds that soon gave way to sunshine with a strong head wind. Wind by far is the biggest variable in cycling. A strong tail wind makes for a quick ride. A brisk head wind adds time and burns lots of calories. We had an unrelenting head wind all day! Added to the wind, the road surface was rough which slowed progress and vibrated our whole bodies, especially the parts that made direct contact with the bike! Here’s a shot of the road surface.

Our route had some great views of the Yukon landscape and of the Yukon River.

This map gives a nice picture of the route from Dawson City to our current location in Carmacks. As you can see from this map, there are very few communities in the central of the Yukon.         

Right at the end of the day we hit a band of rain showers. So we had it all today. Wind, Rain and Rough Roads…