Day 3

Timo and Richard getting the bikes ready for a 7 am take off!Getting Bikes Ready

I have two hitch hikers. My grandsons sent them along to keep me company.

Hitch Hikers

This gives you a little perspective on our 169 km day from Lytton to Kamloops.  Lots of up and down. Hit one section with strong head winds. Made going really slow but in the morning we either had calm or tale winds.


Here’s one of our breaks over looking the Thompson River. Amazing views and heat. Temperatures hit 40 degrees, (100 degrees F).

Team BreakIt was a good day but really challenging with the heat, elevation gain plus a lot of traffic in some areas. Ready for good nights sleep!!!

One thought on “Day 3

  1. Mike…Chris Polachic is my son and told me about your cycling project. I write for the Religion Page of the StarPhoenix in Saskatoon and am writing a piece for the July 12th edition. I would really like to be able to include a direct quote from you about the ride… Is that possible? Could you call me within the next three days? I’ll be writing the story on July 5, Tuesday. Also, I’m having trouble downloading a photo. Most on the website are in a very small format. Hope you can get in contact….though I’m sure you’re totally exhausted at the end of your days. My number is 306-374-7421.
    Darlene Polachic

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