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Day 30: Moose Jaw to East of Qu’Appelle – 150 KM

Day 30: Moose Jaw to East of Qu’Appelle – 150 KM

Max the Moose sent us off this morning. The day really turned into a “sun in your face and wind at your back” day. The tailwind was such a relief from the past two days of cycling.  Today is Mike’s birthday, Timo rode up next to him and said, “Mike this is God’s birthday gift to you!” What a wonderful gift. Yesterday, we were killing ourselves just to keep a pace of 20 km/hour against the wind. Today, we were sailing along at about 30 km/hour will very little effort.

We discovered a prairie version of a high rise, here’s the tallest building in this landscape.

Take a look at this train, no mountains for this train.

Our host for the evening, Sheldon and Val, provided a great meal with family and friends. Sheldon made Mike a very special birthday gift. The day he heard about my accident, this gift came to mind… Training Wheels!

A great day and a memorable 67th birthday for Mike!