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Day 30: Sudbury to Samuel de Champlain Provincial Camp Ground 176 km

Annette sent us off this morning with a great breakfast. Thanks Annette for your hospitality in Sudbury!photo(76)The morning was very cool and cloudy, 12 degrees when we left at 7:30. Our shoes were still wet from the storm yesterday so had cold feet until the sun broke though around noon. The road was very gentle until just before we got the our camp site. It was a good day for riding, for the most part the 176 km went by quickly. Great views… Here’s a view of Lake Nipissing.photo(74)Much of the ride was though what looked to be small farms rolling hills, beautiful country side. photo(73)We stopped for coffee at a small town cafe and the food looked so good we had a second breakfast. Richard is sure it make him much faster. One of the customers recognized us from the TV interview last night.

While we were riding out of town Rob went to a physio appointment and picked up Richard’s bike from the bike shop. It will be back in service tomorrow! Rob may be back in service soon. His assessment was encouraging. photo(75)This is scary… Not Timo’s legs but the road’s edge. The most difficult part of the trip has been the places where the edge is narrow and rough. Today and yesterday we had sections of this. It makes hard work of the ride. It’s hard on the bike, the body and you have to concentrate every minute because it makes the bike more unstable and it puts you really close to traffic.

We do not have host for tonight, only the 3rd time in 30 days. So we are at the provincial camp ground. A very nice relaxing location. photo(71)With Jacquie gone I was the cook so we had creative left overs buffet. I fried the potato salad with a few extra onions, fried moose sausage and fresh yellow beans and heated up the left over goulash. Everyone is looking forward to having Jacquie rejoin us. photo(78)The good thing about being in a camp ground is early bed time. Last night I finished the blog at mid-night. Tonight we will all be in bed by 10 pm. Richard and Timo are in bed already.