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Day 38: Dryden to Upsala – 211 KM

Day 38: Dryden to Upsala – 211 KM

We started the day with a homemade breakfast compliment of our hosts Holly and Kurt. The sun again blessed us as we rode out of Dryden. The landscape again was filled with hills, trees and lakes. Based on the number of moose crossing signs, this area has lots of moose!

Narrow shoulders and road construction punctuated our route in a number of places.  

With the long cycling day and an event scheduled in Upsala we decided to do a form of tag team today in 30 km rotations. Mike and Gabe did the first 30.

Rob and Timo were shuttled to the start of the second 30 km point. This allowed us to cover the distance and be in Upsala on time.

We did take note of this sign…

The event was scheduled in the playground area in the campground where we parked overnight. One person joined us.