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Day 4: North Bound

Day 4: North Bound

Big temperature change! Jade City is located in the Cassiar Mountains so the elevation made for a very cool evening. Maybe a taste of things to come?

A highlight of the day was crossing into the Yukon. It was a milestone that helped us feel the progress we are making toward our goal. You can tell by what we are wearing the thermometer has dropped. Our first stop in the Yukon was at the junction of Hwy 37 and Hwy 1, the Alaska Hwy. When the gas station attendant heard what we were doing, he handed us a $100 bill!! Here’s a map for those that like to see the route.

Cell service has been almost non-existent since Smithers on day 2. Our lunch break in Teslin, YK provided a great Internet connection that allowed us to post the day 2 blog. Our drive to Whitehorse was under almost blue skies with great views.

A campground with internet and a camp fire provides the necessities of life! LOL! We are so thankful for so many things as we close the day. We appreciate the partnership from our sponsors and all the people that have supported our efforts. We know many people are praying for us and the success of this… Cycling 4 Water: Finish the Task!