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Day 40: Grand Falls to Fredericton 190 km

The time zone change made the morning seem a bit earlier. Here we are at 6:45 am ready to go. The road started with significant up and down till we reconnected with the St. John River.  DSC_6104

We had some great views and a really nice morning for cycling. DSC_6111

At about the 90 km mark we stopped for lunch at the Hartland United Baptist Church. Pastor Charlie, a friend of Rob’s, served us up a great lunch of lasagna, bread and salad.  Thank you Pastor Charlie!DSC_6141

Hartland is the home of the largest covered bridge in the world, and right next to the church.DSC_6117After lunch we were joined by Harold and Darlene Albrecht MP Kitchner/Conestoga and Darlene brother Paul. Harold and Paul rode with us for about 30 km. Mike Allen MP for Tobique-Mactaguac, the area we were in, met us to congratulate us and encourage us along our way.  Harold and Mike are on the far left, Darlene is on the far right.DSC_6219Leaving Hartland we headed south across the center of New Brunswick to Fredericton. The route was shorter than the river valley but sure gave us a good work out with a continual row of hills. DSC_6179We rejoined the river valley just before Fredericton. Our host for dinner, a presentation and overnight was the Cornerstone Church. What a wonderful dinner they provided. We are all looking forward to a day off. Have you ever heard the express “falling asleep sitting up?” Take a look at the shot of Richard…DSC_6122Today, we have discussed “hitting the wall”.  Not because we have not enjoyed the journey, but physically and emotionally we are reaching a limit.

We realized connecting with people is really significant at this point to help cheer our spirits. Day 39 we had nothing set up, it was a long  day and seemed so hard. Today seemed to go so much better. Both days were about the same length and level of difficulty, but today we had a lot more connections with people. We are all looking forward to a day off from cycling. Many people have mentioned they have been praying for us and for our safety. Thank you!