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Day 42: Wawa – Day Off

Day 42: Wawa – Day Off

Wawa is a community of about 3,000 and takes its name from the Ojibwe for “wild goose”. That is why they have an 8.5 meter goose at the welcome center.

This morning we enjoyed sleeping in. Our normal routine is Lyndon putting the coffee on a few minutes after 6 am which also acts our wake up call.  Our self-serve breakfast is at 6:30 and we attempt to be on the road close to 7:30 am. This morning the coffee went on around 7:30.

The service at Calvary Pentecostal started at 10:30. They not only asked for the presentation about cycling 4 water but also give each of our team an opportunity to share a personal insight. When Rob shared how he was trusting God day to day with the tendinitis the pastor asked permission to anoint him with old and pray for healing. 

A big thank you to Pastor Clinton and the folks at Calvary Pentecostal!