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Day 43: Wawa to Sault Saint Marie – 224 KM

Day 43: Wawa to Sault Saint Marie – 224 KM

Clouds, hills, great views and a tail wind… Our day started with clouds and light rain that moved to gradual clearing giving way to sun and a tail wind!

Our route returned to the shore of Lake Superior. The views were amazing. We earned many of the views by accomplishing some significant hill climbs!

The last 25 km a tail wind pushed us into the Soo. What a delightful way to finish the ride.

Coming into the Soo we had two pit stops with local media for photo opportunities. The interviews had been done in advance by phone.

Dinner was provided by Pastor Len and Becky. We had a great meal and some family fun. Mike got to read his children’s book, Zoe’s Well, to Joe their 5 year old son. The book is about a little girl that hears about children that do not have clean water. Zoe, with her family, decides to see if they can raise money for a well.  Friends and family rally to provide the funds for a well. If you’re interested, you can get your copy of Zoe’s Well Here. The proceeds go towards the goal of 65 water wells.

A huge thank you to Pastor Len, Becky and family for dinner plus the opportunity to spend a few hours in their home!