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Day 47: Monastery to Bras d’Or 145 km

Blue sky and calm wind greeted us when we hit the road at 7 am. After the rain and wind yesterday, we appreciated the beautiful day that much more. photo(152)We have enjoyed some great views of the bay. The hills, which might be longer than yesterday, seem more manageable without the rain and wind.photo(150)The hills are covered with deciduous trees. At about the 60 km mark, I had my 4th flat tire, 9th for the team.photo(153)A milestone was crossing into Cape Breton Island. What a beautiful place! DSC_6866DSC_6934This is Baddeck.  From this view point you can see the home of Alexander Graham Bell. Our path on the island had some beautiful flat sections and some major climbs. DSC_6994When we saw these signs, they let us know we had a climb ahead! We saw them more often then we wanted. Our hosts for the evening are Pam and Mark Eyking. Dinner was a rib and burger feast! Mark is the MP for Sydney-Victoria and Pam is a MLA for Victoria the Lakes. photo(157) Discovered Mark and I have a common love…photo(156) In the evening our team split for two presentations. DSC_7047The Eyking Foundation presented us with a cheque for an entire well. We are so encouraged by this generous gift! Daniel did a great job with the official presentation. Thank you Eyking family and thank you Daniel.