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Day 48: Cambridge to Georgetown – 51 KM

Day 48: Cambridge to Georgetown – 51 KM

Another great weather day, sun and a tail wind! Two friends, Becki and Silas joined us as guest cyclist. Guest cyclist have been a very enjoyable part of our experience. You may wonder why such a short distance cycling day? Our short day is the result of having hosts located in Georgetown on the northwest side of Toronto.

Downtown Georgetown is converted into a large farmers market on Saturday mornings. It would be fun to spend more time in many of the communities that we have passed through including Georgetown.

The afternoon provided the opportunity for Timo’s bike to get a “bike doctor” appointment. Once again we appreciate the responsiveness of local bike shops to time sensitive needs!

Tonight after a great dinner, provide by Gregg and Joanne, our team was being hosted in three different homes. This will be the first night that the RV is completely empty.

Glad today was a light day because tomorrow will be a really full day!