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Day 48: Day Off Bras d’Or

We did not get up till after 6:30 am and had breakfast around 8 am with our hosts Mark and Pam Eyking. It was so nice to relax over a great breakfast and a second cup of coffee.DSC_7053After breakfast our whole team went to Bethel Presbyterian Church in Sydney. Richard, Jacquie and Timo did a presentation there last night. We made another shorter presentation during the morning service and enjoyed a fellowship time in the church hall after the service.  Thank you Reverend Lyle and the wonderful folks at Bethel.

DSC_7055After the service we had lunch at McDonald’s. It was our first McDonald’s meal of the whole trip! McLobster…!photo(158)When we got back to Mark and Pam’s we headed down to the water for a swim. What a great day to relax and enjoy a beautiful afternoon.photo(161)

For dinner we were treated to a wonderful seafood chowder, pizza, strawberry-rhubarb and blueberry pies. Our after dinner walk was priceless…DSC_7080Then a campfire to wrap up a wonderful day!DSC_7088