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Day 5: Fox Lake to Whitehorse – 72 KM

Day 5: Fox Lake to Whitehorse – 72 KM

The theme for today was head wind.  Just minutes into the ride, Timo discovered he had a broken shifter cable.  He did his best but with one gear, it was not going to work. Lyndon picked him up and then headed to Whitehorse to find a bike shop. And the good news, they found a bike shop that could fix his bike today.  The amazing thing is this might be the only place in the Yukon that could have fixed his bike.  

Rob, Gabe and I finished the ride into Whitehouse pushing against the wind every inch of the way. The good news was we had smooth pavements, some great views, modest hills and a short ride.  

The early arrival into Whitehouse allowed us to drop in to say “Hi” to a couple of our sponsor’s local stores: Home Hardware and Fraserway RV. Plus time to give the RV a much needed bath.  

We had dinner with Pastor Harrison Kwok from the Northern Collective Church. His daughter and I enjoyed building a tower together. Sunday our team will join them for the service.