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Day 50: Georgetown to Cobourg – 136 KM

Day 50: Georgetown to Cobourg – 136 KM

In case anyone thought we were suffering, this morning we had a candle light breakfast with Gregg and Joanne before we hit the road for the day. No suffering here. Thank you Gregg and Joanne!

Our ride started on Lake Shore Blvd in Mississauga and took us all the way through Toronto. It was a mixed bag of street riding, nicely developed bike path and of course construction zones.  

We had some great views of the city and Lake Ontario.  You might notice Timo is missing in some of the pictures. He rode ahead and met us on the west side of the city.

It was a nice day and a favourable wind but we had way too many traffic lights. Lots of stop and go! It felt like we would never get out of the city. We did finally get to a more rural area on the route and enjoyed long stretches of open road.

Passing through Fort Hope, we noticed lots of people looking down from a bridge rail. All the excitement was about fishing. We were told it was salmon fishing.

Our parking space and showers were provided by the Cobourg Fellow Baptist Church. Thank you CFB!