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Day 52: Kingston to Cornwall – 184 KM

Day 52: Kingston to Cornwall – 184 KM

Overnight there was a thunder and lighting storm and heavy rain in Kingston.  This morning we were pleased to see the rain had stopped! The route from Kingston to Cornwall was almost entirely along the St. Lawrence River.

For 40 km we followed the 1000 Island Parkway. What a beautiful route with a dedicated bike path. We also had a nice tail wind for much of the day.

A glimpse for cargo ship reminded us that the St. Lawrence is more than just a beautiful body of water.

Timo had another bike challenge today. A spoke popped in his front wheel.  Fortunately, the front wheel on Lyndon’s bike fit, so Timo could continue on with the ride. 

We had two media interviews; a zoom interview with Global TV Kingston and a newspaper interview with the local paper in Cornwall. Both interviewers were so positive and encouraging!

We arrived at our destination by about 6:00 pm. The good roads and tail wind made the 184 km distance very enjoyable! Our host in Cornwall, First Baptist Church, arranged showers and parking for us. Thank you Pastor Jim!