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Day 53: Gander to Goobies 171 km

We started the day with at the mud spa! The road leading out of Gander had sections that were gravel. With the rain it created a wonderful mud spray, fifth day with wet shoes.

IMG_1874The good news of the day was the wind was at our back for most of the day. The rain came off and on but the sun showed up in the afternoon. We crossed the 7500 km mark just 40 km into the day.

DSC_7562We were warned by Robert our host yesterday that our day would have a lot of hills. At about the 25 km mark I started counting the hills, 42 hills. Timo estimated we may have done 10 hills before I started counting. The hills were a great challenge but the down hills were lots of fun. The shoulders were smooth. One of the hills was called the “15 km” hill to give you some idea how challenging they were.


DSC_7600We had two flats and a tire replacement, all on my bike! Front tire went in the morning at about the 40 km mark and the back tire went just before lunch at about the 100 km with a loud bang. Timo was beside me. He thought someone shot a gun. The side wall of the tire was damaged so had to replace it along with the tube.

DSC_7611DSC_7614After lunch we had some great views. The sun made the views even better.IMG_1879We are parked tonight in a truck stop with no power or water but there are showers. We are about 150 km out of St. Johns. Tomorrow there is a promise of sun for our last day on the road.