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Day 54: Montreal to Trois-Rivieres – 165 KM

Day 54: Montreal to Trois-Rivieres – 165 KM

Average day… 160 km is our average daily distance, so today was an average distance.  Our actual cycling time was 7 hours. With breaks, photo stops and lunch we were on the road for 10 hours. Wind and road conditions are the two most significant factors on how fast we can cover our daily distance. Today we had a good tail wind and excellent roads, so it seemed like an easy day.

This morning our first 10 km was largely in a commercial area of Montreal so we were dealing with traffic lights, construction, fairly heavy traffic and very rough roads. So progress was slow.

Once we got to the suburbs we had better roads, less traffic and even had dedicated bike lanes or paths. Our pace picked up. Plus we had some great views.

When we left the island of Montreal and headed to Trois-Rivieres, we followed the shore line on secondary roads through some great farm land and small towns. You never know what you might find in a corn field!

Most of the small towns have a large old Catholic Church on the main street.

We are being hosted tonight by Eglise Baptiste Evangelique Trois-Rivieres.  Helene made us dinner and delivered it to the church.  Thank you, Helene!

Some exciting news… We have 45 wells covered or pledged! Three wells have been donated just in the past week.