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Day 6: Dawson City Prep Day

Day 6: Dawson City Prep Day

It was nice to have a relaxing morning, time for more than one cup of coffee! At 11 am, we joined the Dawson Community Chapel. They hosted our team the day before our ride started last year. It felt so good to celebrate what was accomplished with them the day before we start this last leg of the ride.

Jacquie, Richard and Reid had a family day which included a visit to the museum and a walking tour of Dawson City. The tour guide told them that during the gold rush the ratio of women to men was 1 to 30; however, now the women outnumber the men. The guide was told that when she moved to Dawson City, “the odds of getting a husband in Dawson city was good but the goods were odd!” LOL!

Keno paddle boat in the background

Timo joined the family when there was a mention of ice cream!

Timo and I did a 20 km “warm up” ride and got to see some local sights. One site was the location where the Klondike River joins the Yukon River.

In this picture the Yukon is the gray water and the Klondike is the darker colored water.

Late afternoon was spent getting our bikes checked over, tires pumped and chains oiled. We are very excited to finally get to cycle the Dempster Hwy starting tomorrow morning. Please note that cell service will be very limited, so the next posts maybe delayed.