Day 6 – Meet the Patrons & Meet the Kids

Paul and Gaye got up very early to send us off with a hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs and cinnamon buns. Because we had a meet and greet in Thunder Bay and a speaking engagement at Camp Duncan that evening, Patrick and I (Timo was still in Thunder Bay) got underway around 6:45. Busy speaking schedules make for long days. It was the first day we had rain during the cycling.


Timo chose to ride out to join as and bring us in to Thunder Bay where we met the owner of one of the Tim Horton’s in town. She kindly set up a table where people coming into her store could make a donation and spin the wheel to get a small prize. All prizes were donated. Over $200 was given to the wells. Thank you, Christine.


Patrick left us, but then Kari joined us to take me on to Camp Duncan where Nancy and the children’s camp warmly welcomed us with food and an opportunity to meet about 40 kids. I was allowed an opportunity to share our story as an example of how someone can hear God speak to them. One boy, out of the goodness of his heart, gave us $1 for the wells from his “tuck” or snack money. He touched us all.