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Day 7: Dempster Highway – 153 KM

Day 7: Dempster Highway – 153 KM

At 9 am, we started the long-awaited final leg of the cycling 4 water Sea to Sea to Sea project. The weather was very cooperative with a nice mix of sun and clouds. The first 80 km, was a well packed clay, gravel mix road.

The pass just beyond the Tombstone Interpretative centre was amazing! I made the climb worth it!

The road lead us down to the Blackstone valley. We moved from the classic spruce forest to a high alpine treeless landscape with vast flat areas. Love the flat!!

After descending into the valley, we had a fairly flat and even downhill ride. We stopped for a coffee break to enjoy the view. A motorist from Ontario stopped to ask some question and gave us a donation! At about 5:30 pm, the gentle head wind turned into a strong soul crushing cold head wind.

We finished with about a 10 km climb. We pulled into a road side pull out at about 9 pm, a 12-hour day! A long day but a great day. The pictures are just a sample of the many amazing views we had!