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Day 8 – Hard Start, Easier Finish

The day started hard because we had some decent hills between Terrace Bay and Marathon. Here’s a view looking back at one of the hardest climbs (and it started close to lake level).


Just outside of Marathon we again met some fascinating people, Kevin Falconer and Genevieve Hocksima. They’re hitchhiking from Tofino, BC to Point Spear in Newfoundland. He’s originally from Sudbury and she from Calgary. They’re just living free and easy with people helping them along the way. They were happy to meet us.


No meetings today so we didn’t really need to hurry but with the hills and the strong head-wind at times I was really concerned when it was already after 2PM when we finished lunch just outside of Marathon. It was there Timo got to talking with some First Nations women. One was adding intricate bead work to a leather cell-phone case.


In the end I needn’t have been concerned about the time because, as we turned from going southeast to east, we picked up a tail wind which pushed us along sometimes at 40 km/hr on the flats and there were only a few short hills.


We rolled into our campground around 5:30 and built a campfire to roast hot dogs. Timo read us a bedtime story about his dad’s cycling adventures in the Second World War. Tonight will be the earliest I get to bed since this project started, around 10:30 PM.