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Day 9: Road Side to Jade City – 295 KM

Day 9: Road Side to Jade City – 295 KM

We were peddling at 6:45 am. The rain was gone! A word picture for the day was roller coaster. We climbed to a high plateau and then had a consistent series of hills, about a dozen that were between 4-5 km climbs. It was a slow climb but the downhill runs sometimes reached between 50-60 km/hour. Lots of fun on the downhills and we had some of the best views of anywhere in the Yukon.

From the Alaska Highway we turned south on Highway 37 and crossed out of the Yukon and into beautiful BC! Another milestone for today is we have cycled just over 1000 km since leaving Dawson City.  

Our total distance today of 295 km has a foot note! On the trip up we cycled a 45 km stretch of road that we applied to today’s total. So we cycled 250 km today and 45 km on the drive up for our total of 295! This is the longest distance that will be covered in any day on this ride.