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Day 19: Deka Lake to Kamloops – 159 KM

Day 19: Deka Lake to Kamloops – 159 KM

Timo and Gabe headed out this morning again as a duet; Rob’s ankle was signaling the need for another day of rest. Based on medical advice, Mike is planning to do a gradual integration with cycling on Monday.

The ride started with a 66 km stretch on Hwy 24 from Deka Lake/ Interlake’s to Little Fort. This leg had excellent view of lakes that seemed to be around every bend. Very little traffic made it a relaxing part of the day. It also had a 12 km downhill stretch! Gabe was very thrilled with the descent and Timo was glad to have made it down alive. LOL

When the guys turned south on the Yellowhead Hwy toward Kamloops they were revisited by a head wind. This was the hottest day of our trip so far. Temperatures have reached the high 30’s. The green hills of the north have been exchanged for the bone dry brown grass covered hills in this area.    

We had definitely entered a smoke zone as we approached Kamloops.

Tonight we are being hosted at Summit Drive Church in Kamloops.  They have arranged parking, dinner and an opportunity to share our vision with members of the church. We had great interaction and appreciate the hospitality from Summit Drive Church!