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Day 23: Revelstoke to Golden – 151 KM

Day 23: Revelstoke to Golden – 151 KM

The big news of the day, the rain and the wind cleared the air. It was cloudy but the smoke was gone which made cycling so much more enjoyable!! For the second day, Mike joined us, this time for two sections of our route. His recovery is going well.

We had a guest appearance of a small black bear. We’ve seen bears but they have never stayed long enough for us to get a photo.

A major feature of the route was Roger’s Pass. The climb was grueling but the ride down the other side was exhilarating.  In this picture of Gabe, grueling is written all over his face.

Lunch was at the pass. As we prepared to ride out, the skies started to clear which gave us some amazing views that we have missed because of all the smoke.  Here’s a sample.

Along the route, there were a number of avalanche tunnels, structures that protect the road from avalanches. The first one, about 150 meters long, on the downhill sloop had lights but none were lit.  It was like going through blindfolded. If anything had been in the lane it would have been disastrous. I prayed, “God protect us.”

The afternoon ride was filled with blue sky and great views as we descended into Golden, BC. Golden is a small town of about 4000 people on the Columbia River. It is surrounded by 6 national parks! It is an outdoor lovers’ paradise.  Our parking spot tonight is at the Golden Pentecostal Tabernacle.  Thank you Pastor Devon and Tori!